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TLC Educational Solutions Professional Development workshops and remote sessions are specifically designed to make an academic difference for today’s students. Educators are challenged to create a learning environment that has students clearly on task and engaged in lessons that are crafted to extend thinking to a higher cognitive level. Whether your professional development priorities guide you toward improved classroom management, increased engagement and motivation, focused formative assessment, or integrated higher-order thinking experiences, we provide teachers and administrators with research-based instructional strategies aligned to current standards & objectives and designed to actively engage students in their learning.

TLC Educational Solutions

Professional Development 

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In-Person On-Site and Remote-Learning Opportunities Available 


On-site Workshops

Remote-Learning Sessions

Educational Consulting

Web-based Workshops

Helping educators find educational professional development solutions.

TLC Educational Solutions provides high-quality strategy-based professional development for teachers and administrators throughout the United States. By strategy-based, we mean that our on-site workshops, web-based workshops, and remote-learning sessions are designed and delivered to provide participants with research-based information and instructional strategies educators can use immediately with the students in their classrooms and schools.

Our Services

TLC Educational  Solutions Services

On-Site Workshops

Experience our in-person author-developed workshops delivered at your location. Learning is optimized by incorporating reflective collaboration between peers and providing support with personalized attention from the trainers.


Schedule a web-based workshop with the flexibility of a single point in time or in sessions throughout the school year.  Open the opportunity for attending at a single site or from multiple locations



Join other individuals and small groups at  a TLC live remote- learning session that combiness the quality of in-person professional learning with the convenience and affordability of remote professional development.

Educational Consulting

Achieve your school or district professional development goals, priorities, and timelines with flexibility and customization. This service is provided by our expert educational consultants at no cost to you.

TLC Educational Solutions Workshops 


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