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TLC Educational Solutions

In-Person and Remote-Learning Professional Development


TLC Educational Solutions has provided high-quality, strategy-based professional development for teachers and administrators to thousands of educators throughout the United States and Canada. Strategy-based means that the on-site workshops, web-based workshops, and remote sessions are planned and delivered to not only give the teachers and administrators useful background information but more importantly to guide them in experiencing strategies that make that research actionable. Educators can take these strategies back to their schools, use them immediately, and make a difference for their students.

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Patricia and Terry Crum (TLC Educational Solutions) draw on years of PreK-12 experience in the roles of teacher, coach, administrator, presenter, and district level leader to create these workshops, seminars, and sessions bringing their on-going research to educators.

What We Can Do For You and Your School

Work with you to…

  • Increase learning and reduce disruptive behavior

  • Utilize strategies that actively engage and motivate students

  • Stimulate student engagement in the classroom and in a remote setting

  • Give students increased opportunities for reflective and rigorous formative feedback

  • Increase cognitive demand and higher-order thinking skills

  • Strengthen student involvement in their own learning

  • Build positive and productive classroom relationships

  • Develop accurate measures of student learning

  • Improve teacher job satisfaction


Patricia and Terry Crum (TLC Educational Solutions) provide international on-site workshops, invitational seminars, web-based workshops, and remote learning sessions in a number of educational areas and are certified national trainers for the Center for Teacher Effectiveness (CTE) and the highly-acclaimed Time To Teach program. TLC Educational Solutions workshops and seminars include the following:


  • Creating a Highly Engaged and Effectively Managed Classroom Environment

  • Building an Engaging and Motivating Student Learning Environment

  • Guiding Instruction Using Formative Assessment

  • Promoting Higher-Order Thinking Skills with Engagement & Motivation

  • Developing Quality Classroom Assessment

  • Developing Performance Assessments Across the Curriculum


These TLC Educational Solutions workshops and seminars each have a manual that serves the double purpose as a training guide and also as an on-going resource with additional information and strategies to support teachers’ continued professional development. TLCs training and manuals are personalized to meet the specific needs of each school.

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