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Meet Patricia and Terry

Patricia and Terry draw from over 40 years of educational experience in the roles of teacher, coach, administrator, presenter, district-level leader, and college professor. Together they bring PreK-12 and graduate school instructor experience and presentation skills to engage teachers and administrators in developing effective instructional, and classroom management strategies. They offer a variety of professional development workshops in classroom management, higher-order thinking, student engagement & motivation, formative assessment, quality assessment, and performance assessment.

Terry integrates humor with his skill in connecting research-based educational practices with strategies teachers can take into their classrooms, to use the very next day, and throughout the school year. His classroom experience and PreK-12 administrative background, bring understanding and appreciation of the needs of educators today. He is the creator of school programs that have been recognized with state and national awards including one awarded by the President and Vice-President in the White House Rose Garden.

Patricia combines her extensive classroom experience in private and public schools with skills gained in her role as a district level leader for PreK-12 curriculum, instruction, and assessment in a large suburban school district to provide practical strategies for educator professional development. She is a Presidential Teaching Award Finalist and co-author of an American Psychological Organization book and other publications.

Educators attending Patricia’s and Terry’s team-taught workshops experience strategies modeled, practiced, and integrated with time to process how they can implement new strategies into their classrooms. Schools looking to support their teachers’ growth in 21st Century and College & Career Ready skills will find Patricia and Terry there to assist. Large and small schools find flexibility in Patricia’s and Terry’s ability to meet their professional development needs. Included, but not exclusive is the opportunity to choose On-Site or Web-based workshops and 90 Minute Remote Learning Sessions to match each school’s individual needs.




Patricia is the Founder and CEO of TLC Educational Solutions LLC. She is a certified

international trainer and author; a teacher’s teacher with 40+ years of educational experience. Patricia received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, her Master’s degree from Creighton University, and her Doctoral degree from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. She has been a High School Science and Mathematics teacher, a Research Associate and Project Manager for District-wide Assessment within the Department of Assessment, Research, and Evaluation for a large suburban school district, and currently is a college graduate program professor. She is heavily involved with research-based instructional strategies, alignment of curriculum, instruction & assessment, and development of school and district assessments.

Besides being an Associate for the Center for Teacher Effectiveness and CEO of TLC Educational Solutions, Patricia has taught workshops on a variety of topics including Classroom Management, Classroom Discipline Strategies That Work, Higher-Order Thinking, Formative Assessment, Differentiated Learning & Instructional Strategies, Student Motivation & Engagement, Scientific Inquiry, Developing and Scoring of Analytic Writing Assessments, Developing Quality Assessments (Formative, Summative and Performance), District, State or Common Core Standards, and Webb’s Depth of Knowledge. Patricia has been a consultant for national and state agencies. She participated as a co-consultant for the Department of Education in Missouri with Norman Webb, the developer of Webb’s Depth of Knowledge. She also was a reviewer for the Nebraska Department of Education STARS Assessment Portfolio Review for two years. Patricia has provided leadership for the Nebraska Association of Teachers of Science (NATS) having served on the NATS Board for six years with roles including a 3-year presidential position..



Terry has been a certified international trainer for over 40 years. He received his Bachelor’s degree with distinction from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and his Master’s degree from Creighton University. Terry has been in education for over 30 years as a High School Business teacher, Middle School Health teacher, High School Administrator, and Elementary-Middle School Administrator. Terry also held the position of Region Five Director for the Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Council of Nebraska. He currently works full-time as an administrator and trainer for TLC Educational Solutions.

Terry has taught workshops on Classroom Management, Higher-Order Thinking, Formative Assessment, Differentiated Learning & Instructional Strategies, Student Motivation & Engagement, Classroom Discipline Strategies, School Culture & Climate, Learning and the Brain, Effective Teaching, Parenting, Student Risk & Protective Factors, Educational Leadership, Child Abuse & Neglect. CPR, First Aid, and HIV/Aids. His educational background includes elementary & secondary education and administration as well as emergency medicine and business. He has held leadership positions on many child-related state and local committees and boards including Nebraska Children Services Steering Committee, and Butler County Child Abuse/Neglect Treatment Team. He served on the Nebraska Department of Public Institutions Governor’s Review Board. Terry also has educational experience as a training officer for a community rescue squad and teaching English to Japanese Junior High students and chemical engineers in Japan.


Terry has created state and national award-winning programs for youth. His comprehensive youth programs have received both State and National Award Recognition includes being filmed & highlighted by FOX television network. Terry has authored articles for a parenting series entitled, Parenting & Prevention: Setting the Limits. Besides being an international trainer for the Center for Teacher Effectiveness and TLC Educational Solutions, Terry has also been a Just Say No International Trainer and a trainer for the Circle of Care: A Safe Environment for All program.

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