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Helping educators plan for educational professional development solutions.

TLC Educational Solutions provides high-quality strategy-based professional development for teachers and administrators throughout the United States. By strategy-based, we mean that our on-site workshops, web-based workshops, and remote-learning sessions are designed and delivered to provide participants with research-based information and instructional strategies educators can use immediately with the students in their classrooms and schools.

Our Services

On-Site Workshops


TLC’s suite of on-site workshops optimizes learning in collaboration with peers and personalized attention from the trainers. Our workshops will build upon your staff's strengths and introduce new research-based instructional strategies that engage students and guide those students in developing the complex skills they need to be prepared for further education and work in the 21st century. TLC’s workshops in classroom management, engagement and motivation, formative assessment, higher-order thinking, quality classroom assessment, and performance assessments are available on-site for your school or district.  Our Educational Consulting Services are available at no cost to help design PD to support the structure of your school day and year.


Web-Based Workshops

TLC Educational Solutions nation-wide onsite-workshops have been converted to web-based workshops to expand the opportunity for professional development in classroom management, engagement and motivation, formative assessment, and higher-order thinking for your school or for teachers working remotely. This web-based format is designed to give teachers experience with strategies that can be used whether their students are in the classroom or learning remotely.  Our workshop sessions have been designed to allow for scheduling PD on a single date or at multiple times spread out during the school year.  Connect with our no-cost Educational Consulting Service to design a workshop that best supports the structure of your school day and year.

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Remote-Learning Sessions


TLC Educational Solutions remote-learning 90 minute sessions provide new opportunities for professional development in classroom management, engagement and motivation, formative assessment, and higher-order thinking. This format is intended to support individual or small-group attendance from multiple schools and districts. Teachers or groups of teachers with personal professional development plans or teams wanting to preview our workshops in planning whole staff or new teacher professional development are encouraged to attend.  Refer to our Educational Consulting Service to locate sessions that match your goals and timelines or to request scheduling a specific seminar. There is no charge for our educational consulting services.

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Educational PD Consulting

TLC Educational Solutions recognizes the time constraints and challenges that may be a factor when scheduling professional development. In order to help administrators plan PD for their school or district, we offer the option of a professional development consultation service without a charge. Schools and districts are encouraged to take advantage of our consulting expertise and flexibility in customizing either an on-site workshop, web-based workshop, or planning for a remote-learning session.

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