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Developing Performance Assessments

Across the Curriculum

TLC Educational Solutions Strategy-Based Professional Development on-site workshops are specifically designed to provide the skills needed for educators to teach and interact with today’s students, "to stay on the cutting edge of their profession". Educators are challenged to construct or select quality assessments to be effective measures of what students know, understand, and are able to do. With the support of our TLC Educational Solutions Training Resource Manuals, which each workshop participant receives, step by step guidelines and strategies are provided and can be incorporated into the classroom the very next day. At our on-site workshops, we provide teachers and administrators with strategies designed to guide teachers in the development of performance assessments with scoring rubrics and student-friendly rubrics.
Developing skills in creating performance assessments across the curriculum is critical to student success in school and success in life. This workshop is designed to give all teachers specific skills needed to create authentic performance assessments and student-friendly scoring rubrics. Instructional strategies with clearly defined performance criteria assist students in improving their own work.

Workshop Sessions

Developing Performance Assessments to Support Curriculum and Instruction 

Performance assessments are authentic tasks that allow students to demonstrate how well they can apply their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Understanding how to design a fair and equitable performance assessment is the first step toward developing these authentic experiences that measure the ability of students to apply their learning. This session helps teachers to design authentic classroom-based performance assessments that are aligned to the most significant outcomes of current academic standards and assess at a higher level of cognitive rigor than standard assessments.

Designing Rubrics to Inform Instruction and Validate Student Learning

The reliability, fairness, and alignment of performance assessments to goals and objectives lies in the selection of rubric design and development of rubrics. Both scoring rubrics and student-friendly rubrics have an essential place in the learning process. These rubric development processes adapt to all types of performance assessments and bring valid scoring into those experiences.

Translating Rubric Scores into Grades

One of the challenges of rubric scoring is translating that information into grades. Rubrics are not designed to directly translate into grades. This session provides a research-based process easily implemented to solve this problem for the teacher and provide a fair evaluation of student learning.

Incorporating Strategies That Engage Students in Their Own Learning

Instructional strategies supporting performance assessments and the use of rubrics promote student and teacher ownership essential to student engagement. Strategies for differentiating certain aspects of performance assessments while maintaining alignment with the objectives and intended rigor are shared in this session.  Rubrics with clearly defined performance criteria help students understand the strengths and weaknesses of their performances and guide them in improving their own work.


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CLICK HERE for a downloadable PDF outline of the: Developing Performance Assessments Across the Curriculum on-site workshop available from TLC Educational Solutions. 

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