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Web-Based Workshops

TLC Educational Solutions nation-wide onsite-workshops have been converted to web-based workshops to expand the opportunity for professional development in classroom management, engagement and motivation, formative assessment, and higher-order thinking for your school and for teachers working from home. This web-based format is designed to give teachers experience with strategies that can be used whether their students are in the classroom or learning remotely.  Our workshop sessions have been designed to allow for scheduling PD on a single date or at multiple times spread out during the school year.  Connect with our no-cost Educational Consulting Service to design a workshop that best supports the structure of your school day and year.

Classroom Management


Implementation of strategies designed to develop and support effectively managed classrooms results in students on task, well-behaved, and engaged in their learning. Educators will gain skills and strategies for building positive relationships with and between students, modeling appropriate behavior and social skills, setting expectations, responding to day-to-day challenges, and making their classroom environment an asset for learning.

Engagement & Motivation

Elementary Classroom

Building an engaging learning environment that motivates students is attained by incorporating research-based, classroom-tested Routine, Reflective, and Rigorous instructional strategies. Educators equipped with these strategies can engage students and increase their ability to learn in a variety of ways.  Formative feedback, involving students with their own learning, learning with their peers, and higher-order thinking strategies pave the way to a highly engaged and motivated classroom.

Higher-Order Thinking

Kids in Technology Class

Promoting Higher-Order Thinking Strategies into learning experiences not only motivates students to participate and learn, but makes them more capable of problem-solving, thinking critically, responding creatively, and carrying that learning into real-life situations.  Engaging Instructional Strategies, Strategic Questioning, Discussion Skills, and Scaffolding for Higher-Order Thinking raise the metacognitive ability of students and increase their capacity to grapple with challenging learning experiences.

Formative Assessment

Technology at School

Guiding Instruction Using Formative Assessment provides strategies that encompass three levels of formative feedback, giving teachers real-time information to adjust instruction, and bringing students into the center stage of the learning process. Students are involved in understanding and meeting goals that standards and curriculum dictate and are empowered to take charge of their own learning. They become actively involved with higher-order thinking and collaborative learning with their peers.

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